Why You Should Run ACL in a Virtual Machine

virtual machineRunning the desktop version of ACL in a virtual machine* (VM) has so many advantages, but I haven’t heard anyone else doing it.

Consider the following advantages, listed in order of importance (to me):

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Recover Pictures from SD Card

Recently a friend of mine went to Europe and took almost a 1000 pictures that she saved on 2 SD cards.

When she arrived back in the states, one of the cards could not be read by her camera or her PC. The card was corrupted.

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#1 Reason for NOT Doing Data Analytics

Do you know the #1 reason auditors don’t do data analytics (DA) much?

It is so simple, so obvious, I hesitated to blog about it. Let me know if you agree.

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ACL: Automate Active Directory Downloads

Here’s a way to automate the download of data from Active Directory, specifically group members, into ACL using adfind and the ACL Execute command.

I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

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Excel: Basic Data Analytics

basic data analytics1Here’s a list of my basic data analytic procedures for Excel in alphabetical order.

As I add more posts to the series, I’ll update this list.

I created this series because:

1) I get asked by new AND EXPERIENCED auditors how to do these tasks,

2) when I review workpapers, I realize too many auditors are not aware of these functions,

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Excel: Text to Columns

basic data analytics1Excel’s Text to Columns function allows you to separate pieces of data in a single column into multiple columns.

This function helps when key data is buried in a field with other information and you need to extract the key data into a separate column before you can analyze it.

For example, you obtain a list of email addresses, and all you want are the user IDs. Or you get a list of servers, and the server name is server.domain.com, and you need just the “server” name. Or you need to separate LastName, First Name into separate columns. That’s where Text to Columns saves the day.

This article is the fourth post in the Excel basic data analytic series.

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Easy! Insert Screenshot in MS Office

With just a few clicks, you can insert a screenshot into Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint from inside the application.

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