2 responses to “If Called, Don’t Answer

  1. Reminds me of a scammer who tried to hit my friend’s sister by phone. She was suspicious and said, “if you know my service [that you’re trying to hack], then tell me which city I’m in [since you called me].”

    He guessed NYC – bzzt, wrong. End of call.

    The crazy thing is they had the audacity to google up the correct city, and call back to try and continue. Amazing.


    • ITauditSecurity

      I often wonder sometimes when I hear stories like this: who’s stupider, the scammee or the scammer? Unfortunately, we know the answer. Fortunately, some scammers are idiots.

      However, I’ve almost been caught a few times myself, and I don’t consider myself stupid. Sometimes, people get distracted, sick, or just had a brain freeze. So it happens, so I guess we shouldn’t roll our eyes too quickly. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind a few basic rules (like the one described in this post) so that even if we’re not on top of our game, that loud buzzer will still go off and we can adjust.


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