Truck Blocks Parking Ramp Exit

A friend of mine noticed a truck blocking the exit of the parking ramp where he works, which is a big, international company. Since he was just arriving for the morning, it didn’t seem to matter, but a red light started to blink slowly in the back of his brain.

At the time, he didn’t realize the ramp had two exits. He only knew of one–the one that was blocked. The truck had a large water (?) tank on the back of it and it was parked immediately behind the exit gate, almost inside the ramp.

My friend didn’t like the feeling he got from the truck. Besides, if he was called to a meeting across town later in the morning, he wouldn’t be able to get out. When he entered the building, he went to the reception desk. A security guard was at the desk filling out some forms, so he told the guard about the truck.

“Where is the truck parked?,” the guard asked.

“On the far side of the ramp–the North side,” my friend replied.

“Thank you. I’ll check it out,” the guard said as he hastened out the door.

My friend did not know the security guard, and the guard didn’t look at my friend’s employee badge or ask his name. The guard didn’t alert the on-duty security chief regarding the incident, and the guard carried no radio. But he was definitely concerned about the truck. Evidently the guard never considered for a second that my friend might not want a security guard around and found a convenient way to get rid of him for a while (of course, this was not the case).

Was the truck rigged with explosives, chemical weapons, or was it just one of the construction crews working on the new building expansion? My friend never found out, but he avoided the ramp for a few days.

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