More Pain, No IT Auditors Hired

I don’t make this stuff up…

In a recent phone interview where I was trying to hire a IT SOX auditor for a short-term project, I had asked most of my interviewing questions. So I asked the candidate, “Do you have any questions for me?”

“You said that this project consists solely of testing IT SOX controls. SOX is now 5 to 6 years old. What is driving this project?”

I swallowed my surprise, and answered, “SOX compliance – annual testing requirements.”

“Oh,” said the consultant, “That makes sense.”

[You know what that means, don’t you? More interviews. Help!]

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4 responses to “More Pain, No IT Auditors Hired

  1. TT

    I remember that you said it was hard to even hire a bad IT auditor. How is the recent employment market?


    • Personally, I think it’s worse than ever. I get call or emails at least once a week. At a recent conference, everyone was complaining they could not find good IT auditors. Recruiters that I have told multiple times to remove me from their database keep calling me.


      • TT

        Thank you for the update.
        I plan to jump in the pool after taking my CISA on Dec. Can not wait for putting myself to the jobs market to see what will happen.


        • TT,
          You can jump in the pool before then if you want. Just note that you’ll be taking the CISA in December. That will give you another reason to ensure you study hard and pass the first time. Wish you the best. Let me know how it goes…..


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