Security Training on a ShoeString

In 2010: Security On A Diet, security investigator and blogger Security Monkey notes how you can train and sharpen your security staff without spending any money.

Here’s a quick summary of his main points:

  • Develop Your Staff & Reap The Rewards – Utilize the “share my stuff” method.
  • Spy Vs. Spy – Pit your employees against each other in a blackhat/whitehat war on test networks & systems.
  • Take Another Look At Open Source – Security solutions on the cheap, and you learn more too.
  • Get To Know The Business Side – What projects and initiatives do they have coming down the pike in 2010 and beyond?
  • Tap Young Minds – Start unpaid internships.

His blog is worth a read today and everyday, whether you’re a security specialist or an IT or audit staffer who wants to learn more about information security.

He also writes up many of the cases he works on, in an entertaining and humorous format. Enjoy it all here.


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