Security Awareness Tips

Update: See links to other sites at the end of this post. I’ll update as I find them.

If you want a good collection of security tips for yourself or others, check out the website . It contains  articles, videos, quiz  games, and tutorials about security topics.

The topics and tutorials are good; the videos and quiz games seemed to be geared for the younger generation. Even so, it would be a good link to send to grandparents and those who are curious, but hesitant about technology.

The site even allows you to link to their games from your own site.

Here’s a partial list of what’s available:


Laptop Security
P2P Security
Social networking sites
Wireless security


Phishy Home
Phishy Office
Phishy Store

These phishing videos are more funny than educational, and maybe a bit silly. But so are many of the people who fall for these ploys.


Invasion of the Wireless Hackers
Friend Finder
Beware of Spyware
Follywood Squares
P2P ThreePlay


Start the Built-in Firewall in Windows XP
Start the Built-in Firewall in Mac OS X
Activate the Junk Mail Filter in Hotmail
How to Recognize A Secure Web Site Using SSL
Password Protect Your Computer in Windows XP
Password Protect Your Base Station/Change the Default Password: Linksys | NETGEAR | Apple AirPort
Don’t Broadcast Your SSID: Linksys | NETGEAR | Apple AirPort

Note: Tutorials are listed under “Tools” on the website.

What sites do you find helpful? Leave a Comment.

Other Helpful Links

Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Library

Top 10 List of Good Computing Practices

Building Security Awareness Program


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