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I was reviewing my blog stats and noticed that posts regarding employment and interviewing were my all-time most popular posts. At first, this surprised me, but as I thought about the economy and how many people (including myself) were laid off, it made sense. Here’s my most popular posts to-date:

More IT Auditor Interviews…

Interviewing IT Auditors

Bad Interviews Qs

Most Comments

After that, it came as no surprise that the posts with the most comments were also employment-related. Not counting my replies to comments, these posts drew the most comments:

Comments on More IT Auditor Interviews…

Comments on Bad Interviews Qs

Overall, I am disappointed that so few comments are left by readers. Spammers leave plenty, but readers, few. Perhaps I need to be more controversial?

The Other Most Popular Posts

Leaving aside the employment/interview posts, these posts drew the most readers:

Teach Yourself ACL (guest post by Skyyler)

Who Audits the Auditors?

Security Awareness Perfect 7

The modest popularity of the ACL post bothers me a bit because it’s written by a guest poster. But when I see the traffic it brings to the blog, I just swallow hard and appreciate my friend’s contribution.

Other than the ACL post, the other two really surprised me in their popularity.  I tend to think that they rated so high merely because of their titles. A good title really helps, and from what I’ve read, titles with questions tend to peak interest the best.

What Surprised Me

Here’s the posts I thought more readers would find interesting, but surprisingly enough, fell quite far down in the well of popularity:

Should Audit Have Access to IT Systems?

Do Your Security Cameras Give Good Customer Service?

System Down + Humor – Calls = :)

The access to IT systems post is one that I thought most IT (and other) auditors deal with all the time. I’m thinking that many auditors either already have lots of access or they are just used to eating “IT dogfood.” I expected to get a lot of comments on this post, but I guess many of my readers are not up to using their WRITE access on my blog.

I thought the security camera post was so far from run-of-the-mill that others would find it interesting. Hey, it also had one of those catchy “question titles.”

As for the System Down post, I just thought the whole idea of using humor to help users work through system problems was fun and creative. And practical.

Of course, all the page hits are rather relative, because a page hit is just that. It doesn’t mean that anyone read more than the first paragraph. That’s why Comments are so important, as it tells the blogger that he connected with the reader. So what are you waiting for?


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