Office 2010 Coming to a PC Near You

If you belong to one of the companies that hasn’t converted to Office 2007 yet, beware–Office 2010 is coming.

An article in the Journal of Accountancy called, What’s New for CPAs in Office 2010, describes the following top changes coming in Excel 2010:

Protected View – Files downloaded from the Internet run in protected view (can’t edit them) until you decide the files are safe.

Sparklines –  One-cell graphs that enable you to analyze trend data in a single cell.

Slicer – Allows you to filter large amounts of data selectively by various attributes in your tabular data.

Read all about other Excel changes and updates to Word, Outlook, and other Office tools here.

If you’ve never tried Office 2007, check out this article regarding the changes in Excel 2007.

If you haven’t tried Office 2007, the most frustrating part is using the new fangled Ribbon bar at the top that replaced the regular menu options.

I’ve used Office 2007 daily for 6 months, and I still hate the Ribbon. But you do get used to it after a couple weeks. Even though it still doesn’t make sense to me, I have mastered it.

The two things about Office 2007 that I really like is the new filtering capabilities in Excel and the ability to quickly zoom documents larger or smaller with a slider bar. And you don’t need the Ribbon to do either.


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