Virtual Relationships

I find it interesting that many of us spend a lot of time on in virtual relationships.

We live and share on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like, learning about various subjects, getting to know others better, and building relationships (currently called friends, connections, followers, or contacts).

Many of the people we relate to over the Internet are people who are quite distant from us, who we seldom or never see, and whose gender and age are sometimes vastly different from what they represent.

Relating to others over the ‘net IS a lot of fun and engaging, but it is often so impersonal. It’s like stopping at the ATM instead of going in and seeing a bank teller. We are safe behind the screen (or in the case of the ATM, in our car).

Some of these relationships are with immediate family members and other good friends that reach across the miles, but even then, we are safe behind the keyboard and screen.

What is so engaging about impersonal communications? One one hand, we crave interaction, laughter, and praise. On the other, we avoid the commitment and vulnerability that is the price of real, close relationships.

The sad part is when we pour gallons of our time and energy into websites and faceless people while our significant others and children (those live humans with whom we share our abode) are put on hold or ignored.

Ask yourself, “What and who is really important?” And then put down your keyboard and start living it.

Strive for balance, and err on the side of humans.


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6 responses to “Virtual Relationships

  1. I thought you were going to start on the associated security risks from these networks. It’s insane how difficult it can be to even find the form to report a giant security flaw in the systems – not a theoretical one they’ll ignore, but an actual “fire” they should be throwing water at.


  2. ITaudit

    Hey folks, I just found and fixed two typos in this post. How come no one complained?

    I do not subscribe to the philosophy of “caring about typos and misspellings is so Internet 1.0,” so if you see a brain leak, please point it out.

    Thanks (for nothing!)

    p.s. No, I’m not blaming you particularly, Krupo. Many others have read this too!


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