How was your day?

Yesterday was one of those days where the clock just spins, you get a lot done, and nothing out of the ordinary occurs. You have some meetings, dig into the data, and identify a finding, do a little more research, and fire off an email to get an explanation from the control owner.

You get kicked out of a conference room you had reserved, forget a password, and find all of the coffee pots empty because everyone is too busy doing something else.

You didn’t get laid off, didn’t get praised, and went home feeling kinda normal. While these type of days aren’t exciting, they sure haven’t come around often enough lately. Know what I mean?

How was your day?



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4 responses to “How was your day?

  1. Audit Monkey

    Well, if you are in the UK, ‘didn’t get bullied’ is an fitting comment at the moment!


  2. Audit Monkey

    Take your pick. I was tapping into popular media story in the UK at the moment that the Prime Minister has been bullying staff. One consequence is that the papers are full of stories (well, The Times at least) on features on workplace bullying.


    • ITaudit

      I worked for a really nasty bully once. He was “let go” after I arrived, but not before I took my share of abuse. Each day I decided whether to go to work or not. It was that tough.

      Why did I do it? Hey, I like to eat, and that was the only job available at the time.

      The funny thing was that I heard he actually applied for one of the openings that was advertised (working for me) at the same company. He answered a blind ad our recruiting firm was using. And no, I didn’t hire him. :)


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