Top 10 IT Jobs

According to CIO magazine, here’s the hot IT jobs (followed by comments by me in italics):

NOTE: IT Auditors, don’t pass over this article!

1. Security specialist/ethical hacker

One specialty, computer forensics, is hot. Forensic labs are almost always behind in their work. Is it due to a lack of good technicians or that forensic folks aren’t cheap? Either answer is good news.

2. Virtual systems manager

If you haven’t started reading and playing with virtual servers, desktops, storage, and networking, you’re going to miss a big opportunity. You’ll most likely get some virtual security questions in interviews.

3. Capacity manager

This ties in with virtualization, which had reduced cost as a main driver. Capacity is about doing more (or enough) with less. It’s about saving money, and any IT job that helps saves money is highly valued.

4. Network engineer

Will business networks ever be so easy that anyone can do it? They used ask that question in many IT areas, and the answer was always NO, but they were wrong. But I can’t imagine the complexity of today’s networks will ever get simpler.

5. Open source specialist

Another area driven by cost savings. I am constantly amazed at the number of auditors who have never booted Linux or any other form of UNIX, can’t read UNIX permissions, and don’t understand the power of open source development.

The days of Oracle-style pricing are coming to an end. Open source IS the future. Deny it at your peril.

I think they should have ended the list at 5. But the final 5 are listed below.

6. Service assurance manager

7. Electronic health records systems manager

8. Sourcing specialist

9. Service catalog manager

10. Business process engineer

The entire article is here.

When you see a list like this, it gives you a pulse on where the future may be going. If you’re a security analysts or IT auditor (or just good ole IT), you should be growing in your knowledge of these areas (well, the first 5 anyway) if you want to stay on the business edge.


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