Share credit card purchases on the web?

On Facebook, you can share your pictures; on LinkedIn, you can share your resume; on Twitter, you can share what you had for second breakfast.

On Blippy, you can share your credit card purchases!

According to the website, “Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying.” Yes, you can leave comments! So now you can share what you had for second breakfast, declare how much you paid for it, and get criticized when you paid too much.

Most people who tweet what they just ate (and similar silly topics) don’t seem to understand one simple fact: most people just don’t care. And they won’t care about what your paid for it (unless you’re Ed Skoudis or Bruce Schneier).

No one will care except for advertisers, stalkers, and those googling YOU for whatever reason.

Here’s a sample of what Blippy was revealing when I wrote this post:

cliffdailey got 3 apps from iTunes
· Traffic Rush (App)
· Air Assault (App)
· 3D Brick Breaker Revolution FREE (App)

itainathaniel got 1 app from iTunes for $0.99
· Sleep Cycle alarm clock (App)

miketartaglia rented a movie at Netflix
· Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

As you’ll notice, only 1 brave user is sharing how much they paid. What are they afraid of?

Not much information is available on the site unless you sign up, so it’s hard to say exactly how you have to tie this website to your credit card issuer so that you can share your purchases. (And do they accept American Express?)

Does this category of sharing interest you? Why or why not?

Either way, I’ll have to add this website to my list of places to check before I do any hiring.


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