A Few Good Posts

Whether you’re new to this blog or not, you might have missed a few good posts. Here’s some links and short descriptions.

Schneier’s Security Trade-offs – Security expert Bruce Schneier’s 5 questions for assessing the security process of anything.

If Called, Don’t Answer – A simple mantra for determining when it’s safe to give your personal information to others. Even children can remember it.

Do Your Security Cameras Give Good Customer Service? – A humorous look at how security devices and training can actually HELP your business and its customers.

System Down + Humor – Calls = :) – How to use humor to tackle IT issues with grace and laughter.

Security Awareness Perfect 7 – Ideas for increasing security awareness, along with practical tips and examples.

How to do an Easy Server Share Audit – A free, easy way to find problems lurking on the shared folders on your servers.

What’s the Fuss? – How to explain to a non-techie why security is important, not only at work, but on his home computer too.

Password, Password on the Wall – A Security Scout adventure involving IT guys whose security sense is not tingling.


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