Quote of the Weak (Blueberries?)

I was at Menards getting ready for my new garden (see my other Menards adventure). As I was checking out, the cashier scanned a blueberry plant that was packaged in a large paper cup, with a small cluster of leaves poking out the top.

When she asked me what type of plant it was, I replied, “Blueberry.” But I wasn’t ready for her next question:

Blueberries grow, huh?

She was serious. I didn’t know what to say. As I pondered the exchange later, it reminded me of two things:

1) People come from different backgrounds and experiences, and they all care about different things. Don’t assume. Not even that people know “everyday” things.

2) People are often unaware of the data or tools they are provided to do their job (or don’t take advantage of it). When she scanned the plant, the register screen displayed, “Blueberry plt.” People often miss the obvious.

Remember that when you tackle your next  project.


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