New Nmap/ Survey

[ W A R N I N G :  The following links are often categorized by web filters as Hacking links, but only because the tools on this website are used by crackers as well as auditors and security analysts. This is a safe website, but the “watchers” at your workplace or school may not agree – BEWARE.]

UPDATE: The results of the new survey have been released... is running their every-few-years survey that will “guide Nmap development and also enable a brand new and much-improved overhaul of SecTools.Org.”

You might want to complete the survey if you:

  • Use Nmap and want to provide some feedback on the tool, OR
  • Want to vote for your favorite security tools

If you’ve never used Nmap, check it out here. But don’t use it on any network except your own unless you have a GOOJ card.

I wrote about the security tools list on this website previously in Top 100 Network Security Tools.

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