May = Audit Awareness Month

Did you know that it’s Internal Auditing Awareness Month? More importantly, do you care?

If so, check out this IIA website for ideas, tools, and resources for promoting an internal audit group near you.

If you’ve haven’t planned anything yet, you can still pull something together. My favorite event to host is a brown-bag lunch where everyone brings their own lunch and you discuss a topic or two. Don’t forget to do a short verbal quiz and hand out some cheap prizes (HR and Marketing departments can often help you with some freebies). And leave plenty of time for questions.

If you’re interested in what others have done in previous years, check out the last link on the IIA website, titled Awareness Month Archive.

If your department hasn’t planned anything, you might earn some brownie points with the boss for doing this. You could pull a slide or two from different presentations given recently and weave them into a short presentation about how your department has helped the company save, improve, or recover.

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