Free PIX Firewall Checker

Matasano Security has released an upgrade to Flint, a FREE web application that examines firewall configurations. “Flint examines firewalls, quickly computes the effect of all the configuration rules, and then spots problems.”

According to Matasano, once you upload a firewall configuration, Flint:

  • Runs a set of “checks” to make sure you didn’t shoot yourself in the foot.
  • Gives you a “report card” view of these checks.
  • Identifies protocols that can pass through the firewall, and which hosts can talk to which.

Flint currently supports only Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls, but more firewalls will be supported in the future.

You can download the source or their preconfigured VMware appliance, so it couldn’t be any easier. The hard part is getting your hands on the firewall config.

Check out the Matasano blog.

– – –

If you’re an IT  auditor or security pro and you don’t know what type of firewall you’re running, don’t just scratch your head, find out. And even if you’re not doing firewall audits, you might score some points with the firewall admin by asking her if she’s heard of Flint.

If she hasn’t (and she’s having a good day), you might want to ask her how and how often she checks her firewall rules, and how she determines whether a new rule requested by the business won’t negatively impact another rule. Tell her to give Flint a spin.


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