2 responses to “User Productivity/Security Rant

  1. Toilet paper and coffee? Really??

    Perhaps clever firms serve lower quality equivalents of both of the above to reduce that risk.

    This post reminds me of LoaA’s http://lifeofanauditor.blogspot.com/2010/04/resident-hard-ass.html ;)


    • ITauditSecurity

      Yes, toilet paper and coffee. Not high expense items, but necessary items at both ends. I remember one company I worked for, the person who ordered all the supplies (I personally ordered the coffee–that’s a long story) was ordering all kinds of chemicals and products she used at home. Her downfall: she ordered things that could not be used at the office…

      None of these items are killers; my point was that people complain about the security that is trying to protect them while real dollars walk out the front door or get drowned at the water cooler.


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