2010 Mid-Year Review: Most Popular Posts

Top 5 Posts

Here’s the top 5 posts between January and June, 2010. If you missed one of these posts, you might want to check it out.

Teach Yourself ACL

This post about Audit Command Language (ACL) software gets twice as many hits as any other post. If you want to know why this bothers me, see the January 2010 review.

PWC Resignation Letter

The popularity of this one really surprised me. But then again, it’s funny, sad, and really hits home if you’re an auditor (or a recovering one).

Top 10 Pay-Boosting Tech Certifications

In addition to the list published by Dice, I added some comments, and describe how the CISSP has affected my salary.

Top 100 Network Security Tools

Seeing this post in the top 5 gives me hope, because all IT auditors and security pros should be familiar with this list and the tools on it. In this post, I highlighted the following free tools: Nmap, Cain and Abel, NetStumbler, and Superscan.

Top 10 Ways to be a Lovable Auditor

This post made the top 5 even though it was only published on May 17. So while the other posts had 6 months to rack up readers, this post made the list in only a month. I expect it to pass up some of the other posts.

Most Comments

Here’s the topics with the most comments during the same period. Interested in what other readers are saying?

Case File: Audit Server Disappeared

Describes how IT killed a server belonging to Audit, and how it could have been prevented. When I asked readers for comments, several contributed heavily.

After reading this post, make sure the catch the conclusion to see how Audit reacted to it (a surprise ending?).

Why a Wastebasket Audit?

This one got one reader stirred up, but I expected it to be more controversial. After talking to others about this practice, it’s apparent not many people take advantage of it, which is surprising. I highlight some of my results in Wastebasket Audit Findings.

What Needs to be on a GOOJ Card?

This is the second post of a three part series that starts with How to Stay Out of Jail.

Other Posts

Here’s a couple other posts that you might enjoy.

Great Security Cheatsheets (Free)

From Lenny Zeltser. ‘Nuf said.

Always Attack the Lone Reed

A Security Scout adventure describing how to pick out the weak link and attack/audit it.

Free Firewall Password (Just Ask)

Another Security Scout adventure, describing how a newbie gets control of the corporate firewall.

How has post popularity changed in the past 6 months? Read the January 2010 review.


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