Quote of the Weak (Securing Virtual Servers)

When I read the following in SC Magazine, my brain identified and attempted to process so many issues at once that I experienced multiple memory and neural page faults and felt physical pain:

We don’t treat the virtualization servers any different than the physical servers when it comes to security. We treat them the same. Security is security.

This quote is from Virtual reality: Adoption of virtualization, which can be found here (reading it at SC Mag requires registration; link no long available). The article describes how an IT group from a small town in Florida reduced “42 physical servers to five, and replaced them with 45 VMs.”

You might also be interested to know that the article begins this way: “Please forgive Guy Buzzelli [the CIO] if he sounds a little too matter-of-fact when discussing virtualization.” That statement is kind of like walking through a neighborhood and noticing there’s no flowers and little grass–it’s a bad sign.

Add Your 2 Cents

What issues do you see with this statement? Leave a reply and share your thoughts.

Update 9/9/10 —

I shared my thoughts and concerns in Securing Virtual Servers.

For the other weak quotes has tripped my trigger in the past, click on the  “Quote of the Weak” under Categories on the right.



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