Google Street View (and Privacy)

Interesting things are caught on camera during Google’s street view filming (see here).  While the majority of these Google events were mere events that happened to be recorded, it reminds us that camera and computers are capturing our world and our lives.

So why don’t people change their behavior even though they know they are being watched or recorded?


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2 responses to “Google Street View (and Privacy)

  1. coffeeking

    If you notice, neither one of these incidents are acts that are performed deliberately, most of them are accidents. People wouldn’t want to do these things on purpose regardless of fact they are being monitored or not.

    Secondly, we realize that we are being monitored while reading this post, but as soon as we get off of our computer and go out to get something we would forget that we are being monitored, they are so many other things to think about once you are outside.

    Personally, I think people shouldn’t change their behavior just for the sake of not being caught on a public camera, they should have a better reason to change their behaviors.


    • ITauditSecurity

      Yes, I noted the incidents were captured. Bike and moped accidents just happen, and no one wants to get scraped up, regardless of whether their misfortune is being recorded.

      I agree that it’s easy to forget we’re being monitored, but at the same time, computers are such a part of our lives (who doesn’t have a phone that can at least send text messages) that I still wonder why so many people forget that. I wonder whether the average person would agree that their phone is a computer?).

      Take the alleged Brett Favre incident, for example. Previously, you would have to flash someone in person or give/leave that person Polaroids of yourself, or you’d call that person on a landline and verbally describe it.

      Too often, people are ruled by their passions and blinded by their pride. I think it happens to all of us at different levels.

      Perhaps because computers are black boxes to most people, they just don’t remember how computers “never forget.” So they do all kinds of things online that they’d never do in person. Also, people feel anonymous behind a computer…if you can’t see me, you can’t identify me.

      I disagree that people need a better reason to avoid doing something other than being caught on camera or in a log. Isn’t that why people slow down to the speed limit when they see the Police? Isn’t public humiliation and prosecution a big deterrent? Isn’t that one of the reasons laws have consequences?

      For those that do need a better reason not to do bad things, how about “it hurts others (and often yourself in the long run)”?

      When you hurt others, you often lose your privacy…


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