IIA and ISACA Synergies

Back in September, two audit groups shook hands…

IIA and ISACA signed a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU), which means they’ll scratch each others’ back. The IIA’s president, Richard Chambers, explains what it means for the future in his blog.

Notice that both CEOS are listed at the bottom of the memo and that one of them is void of certifications…


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2 responses to “IIA and ISACA Synergies

  1. coffeeking

    That is good point noticed, I am not sure if this is just that she doesn’t have any certifications or she just decides not to list them. It sort of contradicts with the job role of a CEO who’s organization promotes certifications but doesn’t have one herself.


    • ITauditSecurity

      I had to laugh at what you said, I think, unintentionally, but I wonder how much truth perhaps slipped out anyway: ISACA’s CEO’s role is to promote certs, not good security or audit or compliance. It sure seems that way sometimes.

      One other point: how come an organization so focused on IT takes so long to grade cert exams? Perhaps someone should audit their efficiency. I think it’s time their upgraded their systems and their customer service.


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