Get FREE Audit Work Plans at AuditNet

If you’re looking for FREE audit work plans, is probably your best bet.

You can get a free account that allows you to access a limited number of work plans, usually basic ones. A premium account gives you access to all content . See their Subscription Plans for more info, and note that they call work plans ‘audit templates’.

If you have an ACL support agreement, you may be able to access AuditNet for FREE!

Last time I looked, over 100 work plans were free, and a total of 2600 were available.

Most of the work plans have been contributed by fellow auditors and are of varying quality, but some are very good. Either way, it’s a great place to start. Even if you pay for your own basic level membership, it’s worth the cost.

I’m always surprised when I meet auditors who don’t know about the site OR that they already have premium access to AuditNet. How’s that? If your company uses Audit Command Language (ACL) AND you have an ACL premium support agreement, you can access AuditNet as a premium subscriber for FREE.

If you can log into the ACL Support Center, search for AuditNet and click the link (it used to be called Visit AuditNet Now, but ACL renames and moves their links too much). That link logs you into to AuditNet as a premium subscriber so that you can download any of the work plans.

If you know about other sites like this or would like to share your opinion of AuditNet, I’d love to hear from you. Please tweet this post so all your friends learn about AuditNet and how they can get premium content for FREE!

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7 responses to “Get FREE Audit Work Plans at AuditNet

  1. Wow. It scales *really* badly on a high resolution screen. Saying it could look more professional is putting it kindly.


  2. Audit Monkey

    AuditNet is a good source for working papers but the flip side is that some of the working papers are shockingly poor! This said, at least it does provide food for thought.


    • AuditMonkey, good to hear from you. I agree, some of the work plans or test plans are poor (I think you meant that instead of working papers, which is the results of the test), but it is the best site that’s out there. It could be much better, but like I said, it’s a great place to start.

      The price is still right, especially if you have a premium ACL support plan. And I’ve found that the most extensive and highest quality work plans are available mainly with a premium AuditNet (level 2) account, but that doesn’t mean the free ones are all junk.

      P.S. I encourage my readers to check out AuditMonkey’s blog at


  3. Hi AuditMonkey,

    Perhaps shedding some light on why some of the audit programs are poor. This site started as an exchange library where auditors could contribute audit programs (share one get one). As it was a free site there was no opportunity to review the programs from a quality control perspective. (I had a real job that paid). Those audit programs (approximately 1,000) are part of the basic level which by the way is now $24 a year or less than a Starbucks Latte each month. The newer programs available to premium subscribers (or ACL Premium Support users) include Sarbanes-Oxley, IT and Fraud and CAATs including data analytic enabled audit programs with ACL steps. I would love to find an ACL user who I would hire on a contract basis to take many of the old programs and update them with ACL steps. Any takers?

    Jim Kaplan (Founder and Webmaster of AuditNet®)


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