Bruce Schneier Useless Fun Facts

If you have any idea of who Bruce Schneier is, you have to check out It is useless funny facts about Bruce a la Chuck Norris. Try not to LOL.

If you don’t know who Bruce is, click the first link above and check him out. Or quit audit or security altogether. You don’t have to agree with him, but you better know what he thinks about risk and security.

This should be a standard IT auditor or security analyst question: Who is Bruce, name 2 books he wrote, and give a brief background re: his impact on security thought, culture, and technology. [oops – I finally produced a blockquote longer than my blog post. ha ha]

Other IAS blog posts about Bruce (or references to him):

Schneier’s Security Trade-offs (required reading)

Data is the Pollution of the Information Age

Blowfish Bruce-Forced

My Favorite Windows Software (Bruce wrote 1 of them)

IT Security Pioneers (reference)

Clean Your Purse & iPod (reference)



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2 responses to “Bruce Schneier Useless Fun Facts

  1. Bebandit

    This site is awesome:
    Hashes collide because they’re swerving to avoid Bruce Schneier.

    Bruce Schneier knows Chuck Norris’ private key
    Setting SSID of an open Wi-Fi network to “bruceschneier” makes it completely secure.

    If you love Norrisisms and are into crytography, then you will love this site! Thanks for sharing.


    • Bebandit,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I can’t believe I hadn’t run across this site before. I found it hilarious. I’d rather they put them in a list for faster reading, though. Glad you liked the site.


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