No Comment? Sock it to ME

If you have a comment or criticism, sock it to me. I can take it. I want it.

Some of you have been great commentors and I appreciate it. For those of you who haven’t commented or have held back a bit, check out my reply to one of my critics (the Cow):

…thanks for disagreeing. I sure hope others out there take me to task. I’ve always grown more from criticism than from praise. Here’s an open invitation to the rest of you. I can take it. [This is my partial reply. See my full reply and the Cow’s original cowpoke here]

Go for it. I’m waiting.

[Update] Found another negative comment (a monkeypoke?) by AuditMonkey regarding Why a Wastebasket Audit?. Faithful are the wounds of friends.

Here’s a couple controversial topics to get you going:

Top 7 Reasons for Security Certification
Why a Wastebasket Audit?
User Productivity/Security Rant*
When Mgmt Ignores Security*
* These topics have received few if any criticism, which really surprises me, since this isn’t the kind of stuff you read all over Internet.

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  1. A little postmodernist for my liking …


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