7 responses to “ACL Tutorials on YouTube

  1. Nav

    Hi there, thanks for the post. I upload every new ACL video to YouTube, but we do have the fancy, high-resolution versions in our Video Library here: http://www.acl.com/news/videos.aspx -Nav, Marketing Specialist, ACL Services


    • Nav,
      Thanks for the feedback. I updated my post above and merged your 2 replies into 1. I’m glad ACL finally came out of the bushes; I’ve noticed that folks over there have been watching my blog and Twitter account for some time.

      While you’re at it, jump over to my Teach Yourself ACL post and give me some feedback on the virtual training class comments. Also, I’d like to know what happened to the ACL in Practice.pdf (renamed Tutor or what?). That’s the most helpful document ACL has ever produced and I can no longer find it very easily. I cut my ACL eyeteeth on that doc, I promote it a lot, and I think you’re missing a BIG opportunity by not making it easier to find. Please clarify.

      Like everyone else, you’re free to poke and criticize my bog posts. Have at it!


  2. Nav

    Thanks for the welcome, and for merging my comments. This is very good feedback and I’ve edited the captions on the YouTube videos with a link to our Video Library, which I hope is helpful.
    As for “ACL in Practice,” we’re no longer updating this document as we’ve introduced other resources that overlap somewhat. Are you (and your readers) familiar with the ACL Quick Guide and docs.acl.com?

    Click to access Quick_Guide_ACL92.pdf

    In any case, you are free to post the most recent version of the pdf, ACL 9.1 in Practice on your blog.
    I’m going over to the “Teach Yourself ACL” post now…


  3. tim littleya

    Make sure keep sharing more stuff like this, it’s interesting!!


  4. Nav

    Yes, you’re free to post the sample data files as well. Thanks for checking.


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