For Easier Reading and Linking, click PRINT

Click Print for easy reading and linkingTo make it easier to read articles on the Internet that span multiple pages, look for a Print button or link on the page.

Most of the time, the link is at the bottom of the page, but sometimes the Print link is at the top (of course, not all web sites offer this, but most of the online magazines do).

When you click the Print link, the article is reformatted as one web page for easy printing, but it also makes for easy reading; you can then avoid those multiple Next Page clicks.

For example, this article about virtual server security issues is 6 pages long. After clicking Print at the bottom of the first page, you get the full article.


Usually, clicking the Print button provides additional benefits:

  • A shorter URL for pasting, emailing, or tweeting
  • It’s easier to scroll up to review a previous statement or link
  • Less or no advertising at all!

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