Your Social Media Data is Business Data

An Information Week article, From CRM to Social, noted that companies consider data mined from social media as business data. Basically, companies are supplementing their customer relationship management (CRM) database with the personal data from social networks. Consider these points:

If you don’ read anything else, see the quote in red below from the Guess CIO.

  • 75% of companies polled have a Facebook page, but only 17% have a standard process for dealing with complaints.
  • 19% have been on Facebook for 2+ years.
  • Some companies don’t value social media because they assume the poor adoption rate of their internal social networks reflects how their external social networks will perform.
  • Complaints made through social media should be tracked for the following reasons:
    • Determining the number of complaints that are made through social media versus other methods.
    • To ensure multiple teams don’t chase the same complaint.
    • To build a complete profile of complaints, likes/dislikes, and purchase information for critical customers.
    • To enable trending of public opinion regarding your product or service.
  • 21% of consumers do business that they can interact with via social media. This was up 18% from the 2010 survey.
  • When you allow your Facebook profile to be accessed by companies, Facebook’s Graph API gives them all your public information.
  • Maytag quickly responded to an unhappy blogger (Heather Armstrong of only after she tweeted her displeasure to 1 million followers.
  • Guess’ CIO, Michael Relich, wants “to turn Facebook into our CRM database.” Yep, he’s coming after YOU.

To read article and all the details on these items, as well as the surveys and interviews behind them, go to From CRM to Social.

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