Error: ACL Desktop cannot complete this function

When you’re trying to load a new file into an ACL table, you’ll sometimes get this error:: “Application error. ACL Desktop cannot complete this function…contact ACL Technical Support…” (see below).

ACL Desktop Cannot Complete this function

Here’s the situations in which I’ve encountered this error, and how I’ve fixed it (most common and easiest to fix situations are first).

  • The file I’m trying to load into a new ACL table is open. Solution: Close the file, and load it again. If that doesn’t work, close ACL entirely, and start over.
  • The file is in CSV format, and it has commas in the middle of the fields that confuse ACL. Solution: Save the file in XLS or XLSX* format, and reload into ACL.
  • Something is wrong with the file, but I can’t tell what it is and fix it. Solution: Obtain a fresh copy of the file, and reload into ACL. Sometimes the file gets corrupted during exporting or downloading.

* ACL versions lower than 9 don’t accept XLSX files. Lower versions must use XLS.

The good news is that I’ve always been able to solve the problem without calling technical support.

If you’ve received this error in other situations or have any other ideas, please leave me a comment. I’d also like to hear from anyone who contacted technical support about this error—what the problem was and how it was resolved.



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5 responses to “Error: ACL Desktop cannot complete this function

  1. Jhenn

    I encountered this same error when doing the EXPORT TO XLSX command in ACL V10.


    • Kristy

      How did you fix the EXPORT TO XLSX issue?


      • Kristy,
        Due to how much time has passed since that comment was posted, I doubt you’ll get an answer. The export to XLSX errors I get today are usually caused by 1) I exported the file once already and it is now open, so I have to close the file before exporting again (usually deleting it is best), and 2) the field size is greater than 254 so I use SUBSTRING to reduce the width of the field to 254, which is the max that Excel allows. Hope that helps.


  2. Shahla Raei


    i still have problem trying to import Excel and keep getting Error


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