3 responses to “Download Domino Database to Excel w/o Rights

  1. Stijn

    Your assumption is wrong to start with. Domino is a development platform so It allows someone to ‘build’ applications on it. Lotus Notes as a product is not failing, the development of the app and more specifically security aspects are failing. Don’t expect that every Notes database has a ‘download to Excel’ button, it was coded by someone that way. As if a failing program running on Windows is Microsoft’s fault. It just doesn’t make sense.


  2. Stijn,
    I’m not sure what assumption you’re referring to. My point was that I should not be able to download an entire database that I do not have access to (and should not have access to) by clicking a button. I don’t think I implied that Notes was failing or that every database has such a button. Just that if it has such a button, it should NOT give the farm away with a single click.

    But I do agree, it just doesn’t make sense to do such a thing.


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