Stinkin Thinkin Reboot

Recently I was having a problem with my phone connecting to another device, and I tried almost everything, including reconfiguring my phone and the other device. Finally, I decided to reboot my phone, and suddenly my phone connected. Perhaps the device configuration + phone reboot was what it needed, but I now wonder if the phone reboot alone would have done the trick and saved me a lot of unnecessary work. The problem is, I won’t know unless it happens again.

I know, I was just being stupid. I preach to others and forget my own sermon.

Sometimes we techies try to solve problems the hard way instead of trying the easy way first. I think I approached my problem the way I did because 1) I assumed it was a configuration issue on the other device rather than my phone, and 2) I didn’t think of my phone as running an OS that needs an occasional reboot (stinkin thinkin).

Remember this principle when you’re trying to solve security problems, audit issues, and personal relationship challenges. Rethink your assumptions; the solution may be easier than you think.

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Filed under Humor/Irony

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