How to be an Irritating Auditor

If you need to read about how to be an irritating auditor, you obviously haven’t been auditing very long. According to most auditees, that quality comes with the territory, right? I hope not!

Anyway, IIA’s Mike Jacka has a great post entitled, You Might Be an Irritating Auditor, where he lists a number of IFs…

My favorite is:

If your cellphone ringtone is a police siren..
You might be an irritating auditor. (In fact, you may just be irritating, period.)

His list (IIA membership required, unfortunately) is worth a couple chuckles. I’d add this one:

If your favorite phrase from Hawaii Five-O (the original series) is “Book em Danno“, you might be an OLD irritating auditor.
See also:


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2 responses to “How to be an Irritating Auditor

  1. Dinesh

    And of course when the auditor uncovers too many irregularities, he is too much irritating. :)
    I, as an auditor was pissed off when auditee says “Sir, whatever points you recommend, not gonna be implemented in our organisation”.


    • Dinesh,
      I’ve heard that too. I think that usually indicates that 1) the scope of the audit was not clear or agreed to by audit and the auditee*, 2) the auditor strayed from the agreed upon scope, 3) Audit management is not auditing what the business deems important, 4) the remediation is more costly in dollars and/or productivity that the actual risk event occurring, or 5) either line management or audit management (or both) is too weak to deal with or debate the issues.

      If you hear this occasionally, it may not indicate a problem with audit or business management exists. But if you hear more than occasionally, something is broken somewhere.

      * Sometimes audit needs to go ahead with the scope even when agreement is not reached.


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