FREE Infosec & Web Pentesting Education

Security Monkey posted that PentesterLab has some great resources that provide training on pentesting, like:
  • Basics of Web
  • Basics of HTTP
  • Detection of common web vulnerabilities:
  • Basics of fingerprinting
  • and more! (like Linux Host Review)

Read the entire post at Security Monkey’s blog, where you can download the educational PDF and ISO. Then check out PentesterLab.

As I’ve noted before, you should check Security Monkey’s blog occasionally; he’s in my blogroll.

Learn Information Security (Infosec) Free!

To see PentesterLab’s free, self-study exercises to learn infosec, see the bootcamp series. The series provides articles and books to read and exercise to do, but it doesn’t give you the answers, to ensure you work through it yourself.

Linux Host Review

If you need to audit a Linux computer, see the Exercises. The Linux Host Review is at the bottom. Check out all the exercises on that page!


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