Free CISA Prep: Self-Assessment Exam

cisa study guide, tipsIf you’re planning to take the CISA exam, you need to take ISACA‘s own CISA Self-Assessment exam (get it here).

The exam consists of 50 questions that allow exam candidates to “assess their knowledge of the CISA job practice areas and determine in which information security areas they may have strengths and weaknesses.”

I have long maintained that the CISA is light on the IS part, which Information Systems, technology, and security. You can read my rant in Where is the IS in CISA?

Although I’ve mentioned the self-assessment before, I buried in a bit in the above-mentioned post. I just wanted to highlight it for those of you who are studying for the exam. Again, the ISACA CISA self-assessment exam is here.

Despite my criticism of the self-assessment, I still think it’s helpful, and the more questions you go through, the more you’ll understand what you know and what you don’t.

Let me know whether you consider it helpful. And after the exam, come back and let me know if you think it accurately represents the actual exam. Things might have changed since I passed it. I sure hope so.

Either way, the CISA certification is worth getting, and you’ll learn some things studying for it. I wish you success!

For FREE practice CISA exams, see here. Registration required.

Updated 5/19/15

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    Do you have advice for CISM certification? Resources?

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