Auditing is a Noble Profession

While commenting on AuditMonkey’s blog, I noted that because companies often don’t do the right thing, auditing is a noble profession.

Mainly because we can right some of those wrongs.

Then I said…

Know why it’s noble? Cuz usually, the answer to an auditor’s question is either NO, we have no controls, or a bunch of BULL about controls they really don’t have…

Thanks again to my UK monkey friend, as he inspires me all the time., even though his gig is mainly accounting.

Check out AuditMonkey’s blog here.

If you think this joke is really bad, don’t blame the monkey. If you think it’s okay, I’ll give him some of the credit.

But let me know what you think.

Just be glad I dont’ share more of my original jokes. As you can see, my humor is, well, stretched.

P.S. Since I’m quoting myself, I guess I have to categorize this as a Quote of the Weak.

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