FREE Global Security Resource Guide, the organization that grants the CISSP certification, has a great, online, FREE global security resource guide.

No membership, certification, or log-in required!

Update 1-11-14: See Kim White’s comment below about availability of this resource. If it is made public, I will link to the new version. The “remove this post now” comment makes me wonder if it’s coming back for public consumption*. – Mack

At this website, you can search for the following, world-wide:

Educational Resources – schools that offer degrees in computer security and organizations that provide security training.

Events – Conferences, tradeshows, and events for security professionals.

Publications – Online security magazines, portals, virus bulletins, and more.

Online Resources – Links to government security agencies, security forums, security think-tanks.

Associations/Organizations – Professional organizations and associations that support the international information security community.

It’s all here, and more, at

* I almost never remove posts for reasons I’ve described before; I prefer to just alert readers they are no longer valid.


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2 responses to “FREE Global Security Resource Guide

  1. This will be removed from the (ISC)2 website in the next few days as we work on an updated version. You may want to remove this post from your site now.


  2. Kim,
    Thanks for the heads up. I’d appreciate if you’d let me know what the new link is and whether it remains publicly accessible.

    Kim’s comment is interesting on a couple levels:
    1) ISC2 knows who links to their resources. This isn’t hard to do, but does your org do that? Sometimes skyyler and I are pretty critical of some orgs (not ISC2). ACL also watches this blog and has contacted us a few times.
    2) ISC2 cares enough to alert me and our readers about the change. That’s classy. I can’t imagine this blog feeds that much traffic to ISC, but still, that’s cool.
    3) I have always found ISC2 to be a classy organization. I like their fee structure (cheap compared to other certs like the CISA–I wrote a post about that), their CPE requirements (nowhere as restrictive as ISACA’s, much more sensible), the exam is on target and not easy (unlike CISA–I’ve written about that too), and the resources they make available.
    Kudos to ISC2!

    p.s. Kim White’s LinkedIn profile is here: – I always like to validate things (such an auditor!).


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