Great Training at the 2014 ACL Conference

If you have ever wanted to go to an ACL conference, this is the year to do it.

Why? Because ACL is having pre- and post-conference training for beginning and advanced users, and it’s included in the conference fee.

Check out the conference here.

From what I heard last year, the 2013 conference was excellent: the seminars, the food, the after hours activity, everything.

Apparently, they bring a boatload of ACL employees to the conference and you can pick their brains throughout the conference.

The conference will cost you approximately:

1400 Conference
600 Airfare
500 Hotel
400 Food, taxi, tips, etc.
$2900 for ACL training + conference (24 CPEs)!

Reserve a spot by the end of February to save $200 on the conference. Also, sign up fast as training seats are limited.

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One response to “Great Training at the 2014 ACL Conference

  1. skyyleracl

    I hear that the before and after training classes are now a regular staple of conferences. Most of them are pretty good, but I was told by an attendee that one of them really bombed in 2017. All kinds of technical issues, training files not available, and the presenter appeared to wing it.

    However, most of the feedback I’ve received has been very positive, so go for it; the price is right, as they are included in the conference fee.


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