Free File-Splitter Program

Splits text filesWhen I ‘m trying to work with text files that are so big I can’t even open them with programs like Excel, Notepad, or PSPad, I reach for the FREE file-splitter program.

This program allows you designate the size of the smaller files (or “chunks” as they are called) that you want to split the BIG file into; the program then divides the file into separate parts and assigns each part a “.chunk” file extension.

For example, if you split a 100 MB file called Server.log into 10 MB chunks, you’ll get

. . .

To  open a chunk, you just need to remove the extension and give the file a unique name.

For example, to open Server.log.chunk2, change it to Server2.log and open it as normal.

Get this great program at You don’t have to install it; you can just run the EXE.

Split Files for Storage or Transport/Email

Another reason to split files into smaller chunks is so they fit on CDs, DVDs, USBs, or in emails. In this case, do not change the chunked file names so that the program can put them back together later (see the JOIN FILES tab in the program).

 Reduce File Size for an ACL Import

If I cannot open a file and browse it before importing it into ACL, I cannot judge the value of the file or how difficult it might be to work with. So I use the splitter to create a much smaller chunk. This also allows me to import a much smaller version of the file that I can play with.

In this case, you only need 1 chunk created, so you can cancel the splitting operation after 5-10 seconds, as that’s all it takes to create a chunk or two. Then rename the first chunk with the original file extension (hereafter referred to as “the chunk file”).

Just make sure you open the chunk file, and check it to ensure the last row is complete. Sometimes, the chunks are split in mid-row. If that happens, just delete the last row of the chunk file and save it. Then it’s ready for import.

Next, I create an ACL script to import the chunk file. That way, if I have to change the script several times and re-import the chunk file, I’m only importing a smaller number of records, which saves a lot of time.

Once I’m happy with the script and how the chunk file imports (with all the data formats correct), I fire up the script to import the BIG file and go get some coffee.

For more on how to edit ACL scripts easily, read this post; to create an ACL import script, hop over to here.

For all my ACL posts, see ACL Tips.





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    awesome! thanks for this neat tool, skyler!


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