Jacka’s Most Interesting and Geeky Auditor

If you’re in the mood for auditor humor (is that an oxymoron?), the IIA’s Mike Jacka has something for you.

He has listed qualities that make up the world’s…

Most Interesting Auditor

Most Interesting Auditor, take 2

– Geekiest Auditor

He obviously is talking only about IT auditors, right? Or can you be a finance or operations geek?

Here’s my additional Geeky Auditor qualities:

  • Writes ACL scripts in text-only mode.
  • Never uses a search engine; it’s all in his head already.
  • Never reviews what the previous auditor did last year — He’s married to Sally.

Feel free to add some other qualities in the Comments.




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One response to “Jacka’s Most Interesting and Geeky Auditor

  1. Don’t you folks have a sense of humor?


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