FREE Frank (Catch Me If You Can) Abagnale video

pan am pilot frank abagnale catch me if you canFrank Abagnale, the real-life con artist depicted in the Catch Me if You Can movie, talks about his life as a fraudster in a free video.

Back in the 1960s, Abagnale posed as an Pan Am airline pilot, a pediatrician, an FBI agent, and a lawyer. He was a master at conning people and passing bad checks. He even conned his dad (see ‘First Con’ heading).

The video was captured at TED talks and was taken in 2013, and is about 30 minutes long. But the story is timeless.

This video consists of Frank talking about his life and experiences; it is NOT the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the first 60 seconds, he says he’s not going to focus on fraud and being a con artist, but about his life. But keep listening, as that’s what his life was about. But he delivers more than that.

He talks about his regrets, how he turned down 3 presidential pardons, and how he got a second chance.

At the very end, he talks about what makes a man a real man. It’s not the kind of stuff you hear very often. Men, don’t miss it.

See the video here.



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  1. Ganesh

    Thank you for sharing this! Appreciate that :)


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