You Might be an ACL Freak if…

Dream ACLYou might be an Audit Command Language (ACL) freak if more than 2 of the following are true:

  • At work, you have a second computer (or virtual machine) just for running ACL.

  • You have ACL loaded on your home laptop.
  • All your social media user names contain the letters a-c-l.
  • You have your computer configured to start ACL when you start Windows.
  • When you ask other departments for audit data, they beg you not to request full populations, based on previous experience.
  • When co-workers come to your cube and see you’re busy troubleshooting an ACL script, they tiptoe away without disturbing you.
  • You run ACL scripts that obtain and check the browser logs on your home network’s router to determine whether your family is visiting bad URLs.
  • You regularly perform a Benford analysis on your checking account transactions just in case…
  • Occasionally, while sleeping, you dream about writing ACL scripts.
  • Sometimes, when you wake up, you find new scripts scrawled on the notepad you keep on your nightstand.
  • On a daily basis, you read all new posts and replies on the ACL forum BEFORE checking Facebook and Twitter.
  • When you shut down your computer, ACL refuses to terminate, and it asks you 3 times, “Are you sure?”

Feel free to contribute your own…

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2 responses to “You Might be an ACL Freak if…

  1. skyyleracl

    This is one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever written.
    Ever met anyone like this? I’ve met a few, and they are just as crazy as I am.


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