Bank’s Change Management Troubles

AuditMonkey has written about the Royal Bank of Scotland’s change management troubles.

If you’ve never checked out AuditMonkey’s blog before, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this post. ComputerWeekly’s report of the incident is here.

While he’s not an IT auditor, he is a financial auditor and I enjoy most of his posts. At the very least, you’ll get a taste of UK perspective and humour.

I’ve previously mentioned my friend AuditMonkey in the following posts. If you don’t feel like reading any of these, at least check out the last link and read the post from Audit Monkey that inspired it.

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I didn’t realize that I’ve mentioned him that many times…hey, AuditMonkey, you should write about me more! :)



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5 responses to “Bank’s Change Management Troubles

  1. Timely post (I just started a series on change management).

    I think most companies do a decent job when it comes to change management of the big stuff – like software and upgrades – but when it comes to other things like job schedulers, firewalls, infrastructure, patches, etc. I see a lot of shortcomings.

    When you’re talking about network security or data transfer a lot of the most common incidents probably originated with sloppy change management practices (especially in the planning and testing phases).


    • Christian,
      Haven’t had the chance to read your post yet.

      By “most companies”, are you talking big or small or all companies?
      My experience has been different. I’ve found most companies really struggle with change mgmt. They either do too little, make the controls so hard that it causes changes to be delayed, or are careless and management oversight doesn’t catch the issues.

      My experience has been mainly with Fortune 500 companies, but I’ve found issues with smaller companies too.

      I have 2 favorite examples, but I might save them for my own change mgmt post. I’ll see if I can get to it next week.

      So what are the 3 of us going to write about next week? :)


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  3. Audit Monkey

    You are in for the surprise of the year in a few days time. It will be a ‘hold onto your hat’ moment’.


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