Best Blog Posts of 2014

2014Here’s the blog posts that all of you

liked best in 2014, based on hit count.

I’ve also included the most popular

posts from earlier years.

See if you missed any.

FREE CISA Study Guide

CISA vs. CIA Certification

Teach Yourself ACL

Free CISA Prep: Self-Assessment Exam

Compare Multiple Fields with Excel vlookup

Audit and IT Audit for Dummies

Top 10 Reasons to be an IT Auditor


ACL tip: Create a File Import Script

Where is the IS in CISA?

So 5 posts dealt with certifications, 4 were CISA-related, and 2 were about ACL.

Looking further back….

Here’s what trended in previous years.

Best of 2013

FREE CISA Study Guide

Teach Yourself ACL

CISA vs. CIA Certification

Compare Multiple Fields with Excel vlookup

Audit and IT Audit for Dummies

Best of 2012

FREE CISA Study Guide

Teach Yourself ACL

ACL Tutorials on YouTube

ACL tip: What is a Computed Field?

Free ACL Bootcamp Training – from ACL!

Best of 2011

Teach Yourself ACL

PWC Resignation Letter

Top 100 Network Security Tools

Free CEH/Shon Harris Videos

Top 7 Reasons for Security Certification

Best of 2010

I guess this was the only year I actually wrote about my most popular posts.

January 2010 – Most Popular Posts

March 2010 – Blogging: One year later . . .

June 2010 – 2010 Mid-Year Review: Most Popular Posts


Also, I thought you’d find it interesting to know the top 10 countries from which readers visit this blog, in order by most readers.

Thanks for all your support over the years, especially your comments. –Mack


United States Flag United States
India Flag India
Canada Flag Canada
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
Singapore Flag Singapore
South Africa Flag South Africa
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
Pakistan Flag Pakistan
Nigeria Flag Nigeria
Australia Flag Australia
Indonesia Flag Indonesia


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5 responses to “Best Blog Posts of 2014

  1. It looks like that CISA post was worth the time to write.


  2. Haha…the CISA thing lead me here.


    • Latif Jxi,
      Super! I didn’t write it to gain traffic. Like most things, I wrote it because I knew people out there were wondering, and I love to share my perspective. The traffic just came as a result of me “doing the right thing” anyway.

      Glad you came! And commented so many times!


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