Reader Poll: Who R U?

I’d like to get a better feel for my readers, so please take the following poll.

I’ve leaving this poll open throughout 2015, so no matter when you see this, please vote. Thanks!

Before you identify yourself, please note:

  • Please pick the answer that describes who you are, not necessarily your current circumstances. For example, if you’re an unemployed IT auditor looking for work, please select IT audit staff.
  • Likewise, if you’re an infosec person in IT, pick Information Security staff, not IT staff. Be as specific as possible.
  • If you’re a contractor who works in multiple areas, pick the position in which you work the most.
  • While most people do some level of data analytics, I’m trying to gauge how many of my readers do it full-time. If you don’t do DA full-time, please pick another option.

I also invite you to leave a comment about why you chose this profession, why you want out of it, funny risk management jokes, etc.



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14 responses to “Reader Poll: Who R U?

  1. John

    I checked other because I am only 1 of 3 people in our internal audit group. I have an IT audit background but it is only 30% of my work. I mostly do analytics and some security.
    PS. this is a great blog I am really glad to have found it, (I found out about it via word of mouth)


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  3. Audit Monkey

    You left out ‘Fed up with Internal Audit’. Of course, this could be as a recipient or employee. I will let you decide which one fits best.


  4. I select Operations audit. I prefer “General Internal Auditor” because we also covers financial and IT (with audit pack). Well, whatever i guess.


  5. SpiralBound

    Financial audit staff – specifically SOX. I’d like to get into IT auditing, which is how I found your site.


  6. Career-changing student. Currently a Director of Dining Services, on my last year of an MBA with an emphasis on data analytics and very interested in the audit/cybersecurity/analytics merge. Someone suggested I look at ACL and here I am..


    • Hi aos02,
      I find it interesting that you are in an MBA program and interested in ACL. Not Power BI, python, R, or a host of other software?
      Not that ACL isn’t worth a look, but it is really old school, and if you ever want to work with large files (over 5 million records), it really bogs down.
      I like ACL, and use it for a lot of stuff today, but it isn’t keeping up with the rest of the industry. And the company keeps expanding and merging and growing its products and their ACL platform is being left behind.
      I’ve written a lot about the pros and cons of ACL.
      If you haven’t used ACL yet, I’d pass on it and look for something else.
      I suppose I should write a post about that perspective…


      • My interests are data analysis and cybersecurity. A fellow student who works as a CISO for a large university mentioned that the people in her cybersecurity group that do data analysis are using ACL. We’ve dipped our toes in Python, R, Knime, and Tableau so I might bulk up my skills there before looking at ACL.

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