Easy! Insert Screenshot in MS Office

With just a few clicks, you can insert a screenshot into Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint from inside the application.

All you need to do is open one of those applications and click Insert, Screenshot.

insert screenshot into ms office

Then click one of the Available Windows, which consists of all your open windows. The window you choose will be inserted into your file.

insert screenshot of available windows

This feature makes auditing or writing instructions a lot faster.

Speaking of screenshots, check out risk3sixty’s CAN I USE A SCREENSHOT AS AUDIT EVIDENCE?

Other Misc. Tips:

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4 responses to “Easy! Insert Screenshot in MS Office

  1. nicole

    That’s a very handy tip. I never noticed it before. thanks.


  2. I also learn something today. Instead of those you mention, I have “Snipping Tool” for the same purpose. I thought IT Dept pre-install this small thing.
    Then i google…. hey, maybe all Windows users have it. find it. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/features/snipping-tool


    • Latif Jxi,
      Yes, everyone has the Snipping Tool (Windows XP and up, I believe).

      The difference between that and what I demonstrated above is that you don’t have to SNIP your screen first; you just insert a snapshot of one of your open windows.


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