Quotes of the Weak (NOT)

Over the years, I think that Skyyler and I have penned some pretty funny lines.

If you’re in the mood for some humor, read on and discover why these lines appeared in these posts.

Usually, we were making a serious point in a comical way.

The following are direct quotes and the links will take you to the post in which they appeared. Sometimes they’re buried in the middle or end.

Click here for the REAL Quote of the Weak series and here for a description of the series on my About page.



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8 responses to “Quotes of the Weak (NOT)

  1. Audit Monkey

    I met someone in media industry recently and mentioned I had a Blog. My media friend was quite interested as in the modern age of the Internet and Twitter, social media is the way forward. I also mentioned that another Blog had pinched an idea of mine. To use a favourite British phrase, my media friend said “That wasn’t cricket”. To use yet another British phrase, to add insult to injury I mentioned that my Blog doesn’t even get a mention under my Imitator’s Blogroll. Draw your own conclusions.


    • Audit Monkey,
      You’re right, I’ve pinched more than just one idea from you, but I’ve alway admitted it and gave you credit.
      I remedied my blogroll to include you. My apologies.


      • Audit Monkey

        Thank you for adding me to your Blogroll. However, what is of concern is your replies (all three of them) don’t feature on my homepage.


        • No worries; that’s because my comments were cloaked.
          You might see them if you remove your hand from your eyes…


        • Audit Monkey

          Obviously you want the last word because you’ve removed the ‘reply’ function but your last comment illustrates beautifully the reason why auditors get up peoples’ noses. If you can’t see that…


  2. My dear monkey,
    i did not remove the REPLY function; not sure what happened to it. But you can always leave a NEW comment.
    I was referring to your paw over your eyes in your avatar.


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