Some of my Favorites

Since some of you are newer to the blog, I thought I’d bring a couple of my favorite posts to your attention.

Some are older, some are newer, some are mine, some are skyyler’s, in no particular order…

Top 10 Reasons to be an IT Auditor (2012)

Here’s why I’m an IT auditor.

Top 10 Bad Jobs (2010)

I like this one for 2 reasons. First, and foremost, I stole it from my blogger colleague across the pond, the one and only UK Audit Monkey. Thanks again, bud!

Second, it describes the jobs I had prior to being an auditor, and how I view the differences between them.

Why a Wastebasket Audit? (2010)

I still think this is one of the more valuable and underused audits (probably because it doesn’t require data analytics). I also mention it because, for some reason, it really irritates some people, and I wonder how you’ll react.

Server Audit for the Dauntless (2014)

This is one of my favorites because of all the issues I identified when I performed this audit, and it was just a fun audit.

5 Things I Hate About ACL (2014 – skyyler)

They haven’t addressed any of these issues either. Oh well. I was really hoping for a user interface redesign in 2016.

Maybe it will take another 108 years, kinda like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

You Might be an ACL Freak if… (2014- skyyler)

Somebody at the 2015 ACL Connections conference posted the graphic associated with this post in the ACL conference app (see below). Thanks to Mike for forwarding the screenshot to me; I redacted the names.

Also, skyyler really dreams about ACL, and not just when he’s asleep.

acl connections aclzzz

I find it interesting that no 2015 or 2016 posts jumped out at me. I think because most of those posts were technical how-to posts, and most of the ones listed above don’t fall into that category.

The only 2015 post that comes close is #1 Reason for NOT Doing Data Analytics, but it is not a favorite, as the subject still gets ME irritated. And skyyler wrote it, and I don’t want to mention more of his stuff than mine. :)

If I had to pick a 2016 post, it would be How to Describe What an IT Auditor Does? because it was fun to write, probably because I got kind of snarky. As time goes by, I’ve noticed, I’m getting snarkier on this blog.

I also noticed that I posted fewer items in 2015, and especially 2016. I haven’t run out of material, just time (I have at least 40 drafts of posts yet to be finished and published).

Let me know what you think of these posts. If you have any favorite posts, let me know which ones and why. Thanks!


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