Security Camera Saves Auditor $60

video camerA security camera helped this auditor recoup $60 recently, 2 months after I lost it.

You might recall my previous encounter with security cameras in Do Your Security Cameras Give Good Customer Service?

I was back in the same store, but this time I had a different problem.

Two months previously, I had purchased an extra chain for my chainsaw. When I went to put the chain on the saw, I realized it was not the correct chain for my brand of saw. And I couldn’t find the receipt.

The home improvement store, Menards, where I bought the chain, has a computer at the store where you can look up purchases from the past and print a new receipt. You can then use that receipt to return an item.

This is really cool and customer-friendly; I use it all the time.

While I was looking for my chain receipt online, I noticed a receipt of other goods I purchased 2 months previously. I just happened to notice that on THAT receipt, I was overcharged $60.

I had purchased 1 item but had mistakenly (?) been charged for 12 of them.

So I printed that receipt out and went to find the manager. I knew from previous experience that this store records all transactions.

I explained the situation to the manager and asked if he would check the video for that transaction to confirm I had only purchased 1 item and was owed a refund.

Two minutes later he returned and promptly refunded me $60.

I was impressed that the business:

  • Had 2 months of video readily available (in the cloud maybe?)
  • Had their managers trained to use it.
  • Has a customer service mindset.

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