Deleting ACL Table Covers A Multitude of Sins

Delete ACL table problemI’m not sure why, but sometimes deleting an ACL table or two covers a multitude of sins, errors, or just plain weird behavior.

No, I don’t get any error messages. That’s the strange part.

I’m talking about strange ACL behavior that you can’t troubleshoot by reviewing the log.

Can’t Get it Right

Every so often, I’m doing some scripting and keep tweaking a script and rerunning it.

I check the results and they are still wrong. No matter what I do, including saving the project and closing ACL, I can’t get the right results.

And I know the script is right.

The problems are never the same.

Most recently, I could not get a “master” script (that contained all the DO SCRIPT commands to run all other scripts in the project) to run certain scripts.

They ran before, but now they just refuse to run.

And the log showed the scripts did NOT run.

Turn the Table(s)

Then I remembered. Delete the stupid table that is created by the script I’m working on.

Of course, before you do this make sure you have another copy of the data somewhere, or that you can re-create the table from data in other tables…

To solve the issue, all I did was delete a single table, and reran the master script. It ran perfectly.

I’ve had scripts that refused to add a new field that I DEFINEd, refused to add totals, and on the list goes.

So NEXT TIME you have that weird problem, and restarting ACL and your computer doesn’t do the trick–delete the table (or tables) the scripts are creating or updating, and try it again.

See also: ACL Table Already Open error message



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