FREE Fraud Investigation Quiz

Quiz yourself to discover how much you know about fraud quiz

While you may not be tasked with leading an investigation, you might need to work with those working on such an investigation. Either way, do you know the basics?

This quick, 5-question quiz from the Journal of Accountancy will indicate what you know AND what you don’t. And whether you get each answer right or wrong, the answers provide additional information.

Take the quiz here.

I scored 4 out of 5.

How did you do? Were you surprised?

Have you even been involved in a fraud investigation? I have. See my 5-part series, Behind Locked Doors.

The second one I have not yet blogged about. Yet.

Bonus tip: At the bottom of the page, after question 1, are links to previous fraud quizzes.




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4 responses to “FREE Fraud Investigation Quiz

  1. Hi Mack,

    After reading your “behind locked doors”, I’m looking forward to your next post on the investigation you conducted.


  2. Audit Monkey

    Legal wouldn’t do the investigation in the UK. If it was a FTSE 100, Audit would probably get first bite or tbe externalised to a Forensics Team from Big 4, Top Ten, etc.


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